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Message from the Editor: “You Are Not Alone”


NEW Digital Magazine: War Cry Online

Web Edition Cover September 2016

What is God up to? We hear that God holds the world in His hands, but what impact—if any—does His plan have on us individually. The latest issue of War Cry Online features:

  • We learn how an NFL running back persevered despite people telling him what he couldn’t do.
  • We read about Heaven as a “prepared place for a prepared people.”
  • Jenni Logan relates how she was hemmed in by anger after her mother was murdered, and had to escape from it.
  • Don Piper tells how he emerged from the brink of death after a horrific car accident aware that each person is here to influence others for good.

These and other articles in this issue show what God cares about is character, and the values on which it is built.
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Intersection October 2016
October 2016


Intersection is a forum where people from all walks of life can engage in honest dialogue about Faith & Life. We’re here to explore questions together in a way that will bring us all closer to knowing the Creator of the Universe in a personal way. Major Frank Duracher will work to keep this relevant, fresh, and engaging.