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Web Edition Cover May 2016
The new War Cry Online magazine reaches out to encourage and inform those it reaches through stories, features that reflect the mission of The Salvation Army. Our first edition includes a profile of outstanding women of faith, reaching back over a hundred years to explain how they defied convention to put love in action. This and future issues will bring you content to help you and those you care about find reason for hope and practical guidance for pursuing a healthy, God-honoring lifestyle. We are so excited to be able to connect with you in this way.

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Intersection May 2016
May 2016


Intersection is a forum where people from all walks of life can engage in honest dialogue about Faith & Life. We’re here to explore questions together in a way that will bring us all closer to knowing the Creator of the Universe in a personal way. Major Frank Duracher will work to keep this relevant, fresh, and engaging.