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Message from the Editor: “Light of the world”


NEW Digital Magazine: War Cry Online

Web Edition Cover December 2016

At Christmas, the highs and lows of life are cast in high relief. Yes, there is joy, but holiday expectations accentuate for some the loss and pain they have endured. And the season tends to highlight the unresolved personal desires and hopes we carry. Fortunately, we can bring these to the Savior, born as one of us and well acquainted with what it means to be born into this world.

The new issue of “War Cry Online” demonstrates that the bells of good will still ring.

  • A chance encounter at a gym prevents a man from taking his own life
  • A man addicted to money finds the real pay-off in what God offered him
  • Why a young boy whose mother couldn’t afford to buy him a Christmas present
    now years later makes it point to contribute to the Army’s Red Kettle

May these and other stories of God’s intervention and the goodwill we share in His name help you know the bells still ring. Subscribe free today!

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November 2016


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