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Message from the Editor:  One Great Fellowship of Love

NEW Digital Magazine: War Cry Online

Web Edition Cover August 2016

The new edition of “War Cry Online” offers a fresh take on topics in the news:

  • Education for the disadvantaged reaches 600,000 students around the world.
  • A sojourner from the United States is embraced by her neighbors in Kenya.
  • The secret to good living rediscovered in holiness teaching.
  • A victim of bullying learns how to rise above the unfairness.
  • The interesting backstory to the new “Ben-Hur”movie.

May this issue renew your hope in the power of goodwill and the gospel.

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Intersection September 2016
September 2016


Intersection is a forum where people from all walks of life can engage in honest dialogue about Faith & Life. We’re here to explore questions together in a way that will bring us all closer to knowing the Creator of the Universe in a personal way. Major Frank Duracher will work to keep this relevant, fresh, and engaging.